2021 Volvo S60 vs 2021 Audi A4 Comparison in Torrance, CA

Are you in the market for a new luxury sedan? Do you feel that there's simply too much to research to do on your own in order to make an informed decision? You're not alone, which is why we're here to compare and contrast two of the most popular luxury sedans around: the 2021 Volvo S60 and 2021 Audi A4. Both models are popular and impressive luxury sedans, but which has the edge? Allow us to take you through the key specifications and details of both models inside and out.

2021 Volvo S60 VS 2021 Audi A4: Interior

Both the 2021 Volvo S60 and 2021 Audi offer impressive and elegant interiors for drivers and passengers to relax in. However, the 2021 Volvo S60 comes out ahead in terms of legroom and comfort. Plus, the 2021 Volvo S60 has standard features such as bluetooth compatibility, voice recognition software, dual-zone climate control, ten speakers placed throughout the cabin, and a 12.3 Digital Driver Display that makes navigating the infotainment system simple and intuitive. A comfortable and advanced interior tailored to drivers is what you can expect with the 2021 Volvo S60.

2021 Volvo S60 VS 2021 Audi A4: Technology

Technology features are a must for luxury sedan drivers today, which is why Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available for both the 2021 S60 and 2021 Audi A4 for smartphone integration. Plus, both models even have available Head-Up Displays to help keep drivers on the road at all times. The 2021 Volvo S60 and 2021 Audi A4 each have a wealth of standard and available technology features for drivers to choose from.

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2021 Volvo S60 VS 2021 Audi A4: Performance

Many drivers consider performance, capability, and efficiency to be the key factors when it comes to choosing between sedan models. In this category, the 2021 Volvo S60 distances itself from its competition thanks to its finely-tuned 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder engine that can produce an impressive 250 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. The standard engine of the 2021 Audi A4 can't keep up with only 201 horsepower and 236 lb-ft of torque.

Despite the clear advantage in power for the 2021 Volvo S60, it also beats out the 2021 Audi A4 when it comes to efficiency. On the highway, the 2021 Volvo S60 can get up to 34 MPG, far outdoing the 2021 Audi A4's 31 MPG highway fuel economy. In power and efficiency, perhaps the two biggest factors in choosing between models, the 2021 Volvo S60 has clearly more value to its Audi counterpart.

2021 Volvo S60 VS 2021 Audi A4: Safety

The Volvo S60 and Audi A4 always test well in safety tests conducted by the NHTSA and IIHS. Both 2021 luxury sedan models earned five-star overall safety scores from the NHTSA, but only the 2021 Volvo S60 earned a 2021 Top Safety Pick+ designation from the IIHS. Plus, the 2021 Volvo S60 has more standard driver-assist features such as the lane-keeping assist system, which is available on the 2021 Audi A4 but has to be purchased with an expensive package that includes dozens of other features. The 2021 Volvo S60 is a safer and better value when it comes to driver-assist technologies.

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2021 Volvo S60 VS 2021 Audi A4: Value

We've been through nearly everything a driver needs to know about these two luxury sedan models, but one category we haven't covered yet is the price. The 2021 Volvo S60 has a starting MSRP $38,950 while the 2021 Audi A4 is close behind with a starting MSRP of $39,100. But when you consider what you get with the 2021 Volvo S60: more performance, better efficiency, and more standard features, the choice becomes much clearer.

More affordable and a better value than the 2021 Audi A4, the 2021 Volvo S60 is a luxury sedan that looks to be a cut above the rest. Schedule a test drive with the 2021 Volvo S60 in Torrance, California, by contacting our team at Volvo Cars South Bay, today.

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