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The Volvo Sensus Connect apps and features give you streamlined access to your favorite music, navigation functions and entertainment features in your vehicle. The engineers at Volvo understand that your ownership experience extends far beyond the road, which is why Volvo Sensus Connect brings you closer to your vehicle's features, functions and more. Want to see what's included in Volvo Sensus Connect? Would you like to have one of our Volvo technology specialists show you how to use Volvo Sensus Connect? Visit our Volvo dealership in Torrance, CA, for all the answers you need!

What Are Volvo Sensus Connect Apps?

What Are Volvo Sensus Connect Apps?

The Volvo Sensus Connect apps put all the entertainment and information you need at your fingertips. The Sensus audio apps help you connect to Pandora, Spotify, Stitcher and TuneIn, making it easy to queue up your favorite songs, podcasts and more. Curious to learn about Sensus Navigation & Convenience apps? You can use Volvo Sensus Connect to search for local destinations and read Yelp reviews. Peace of mind also comes standard with Volvo Sensus Connect, as Glympse uses GPS to share your location in real-time, making it so you can notify friends and family of your whereabouts while you're enroute to your destination.

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Do Volvo Cars Have Wi-Fi?

Volvo Sensus Connect allows you to connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop to a wireless hotspot. The Wi-Fi range even extends beyond the vehicle, so you can enjoy tailgates, camping trips and weekend adventures that much more. Plus, you can connect any Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone to your Volvo car to receive text messages, make hands-free calls and stream music via the car's audio system.

Do Volvo Cars Have Wi-Fi?

Which Volvo Cars Offer Volvo Sensus Connect?

Volvo offers 60 Range Sensus and 90 Range Sensus systems. The 60 Range Sensus system comes standard on the new Volvo S60, V60, S60 Cross Country, V60 Cross Country and XC60 models. The 90 Range System, meanwhile, comes standard on the XC90, S90, V90 and V90 Cross Country models.

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