Volvo Cars South Bay Presents: Ultimate Maintenance Freedom

Volvo Prepaid Maintenance Plans

Experience unparalleled convenience with our Volvo Prepaid Maintenance Plans. These plans empower you to make substantial savings on essential maintenance services, protecting you from potential future increases in parts and service costs.

Indulge in the tranquility that comes from knowing your Volvo is being meticulously maintained for years to come. The recommended "Service Operations" are crucial to your vehicle's lifespan and guarantee optimum performance from your Volvo.

Own a model year 2016 or newer Volvo with under 100,000 miles? Now, you can purchase two, three, five, or seven Maintenance Services for utmost convenience. The Volvo Prepaid Maintenance plan encompasses recommended factory-scheduled maintenance as per the owner's manual.

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Service Made Simple

  • Savings of up to 20% in maintenance costs*
  • Paid for in advance for maximum convenience
  • Service performed by our Factory-Certified Technicians using Volvo Genuine Parts, precision tools, and advanced diagnostics
  • Protection from Inflation

Embrace savings and secure top-notch service for your Volvo. Purchase these plans at the point of vehicle purchase or later, provided the vehicle meets the age and mileage parameters. Volvo Prepaid Maintenance Plans are honored at any authorized Volvo dealership.

Volvo Cars South Bay Torrance CA

Key Replacement Services

Our Key Replacement Service, powered by Urgently, ensures you're covered for repairs or replacements of one key and/or key fob annually, up to a $450 limit.

Volvo Cars South Bay Torrance CA

Volvo Wear Maintenance Plans

Embrace a worry-free vehicle ownership experience with our optional Volvo Wear Maintenance Plans. Available for new and used Volvo vehicles, these plans enhance your maintenance services.

Coverage Includes:

  • Windshield Wiper Blades
  • Brake Pads and Rotors

Enjoy maximum wear efficiency, peace of mind, protection against inflation, and services performed by factory-trained technicians using Volvo Genuine Parts.

Volvo Cars South Bay Torrance CA

Classic Oil Service Plans

With our Classic Oil Service Plans, your vehicle is serviced by factory-trained technicians using only Volvo Genuine Parts, ensuring optimum performance.

Opt for the plan that suits you best: three, five, or seven oil services. Available on all Volvo vehicles 2015 and older, services include oil, filter and gasket change, key protection, and multi-point vehicle inspection on 7,500 and 10,000-mile maintenance intervals.

Experience the ultimate convenience, save on maintenance costs, and drive with peace of mind, only with Volvo Cars South Bay's comprehensive maintenance plans.

*May vary based on model, year and/or dealership.